When She 'Likes You' But Doesn’t Want a Relationship

Have you ever had a woman tell you that she likes you a lot, but not inthat way?

Reality check: When a woman behaves in wayswhich tell a guy she “likes” him…but that she’s just not interested in taking things any further, something almost always happens. Most guys immediately start doing anything they can to escape that dreaded friend zone and convince her to take things to the next level with him.

They chase her. They start calling and texting her all the time. They become clingy and desperate, believing they can persuade a woman to feel ATTRACTION for them. And obviously, in the light of day, most guys would agree that all of this is a VERY bad idea.

So what should you do instead?

1) Stop worrying about what she thinks.

Once a woman starts to “like” you, you can look at it as either a blessing (it’s a start)or a curse (stuck in the friend zone again). That’s why I recommend that men forget all the wondering and guessing, and simplify the situation. Forget what she thinks. Focus on howyou feel about yourself…and therefore how youbehave because of it. You see, every thought, idea, and notion you have about YOURSELF affects your body language and every word you say. They either signal a woman that you’re permanent “just friends” material or potential “relationship” material.

So go ahead and assume that maybe she’ll just want to be another friend of yours in your life — and then RELAX. Start having FUN with her instead of constantly trying to plot your next move and assume fake airs, and you’ll beamazed at how quickly you start moving up the “potential relationship material” ladder.

2) CHALLENGE her instead of CHASING her.

Like I said above, it sounds pretty obvious to most guys in the light of day — don’t chase. Yet I used to be guilty of chasing women like you wouldn’t believe. I’d get possessive and clingy, act beggy and desperate, run around at their beck and call hoping to “win” their approval. That is, until I learned something critical about escaping the friend zone.

The best way to do it is tochallenge a woman instead of chasing her. Instead of begging, look for ways to get to know her better…similar ways that you see the world…thenstop being her “shoulder to cry on” and startchallenge her in fun ways in these areas.

For example, if you’re with a woman that you feel might be great for a relationship, and you happen to disagree on something…instead of getting defensive or “kissing up” to her point of view, take advantage of the situation. Playfully tease her on her viewpoint. Argue why she’s wrong. Do some “play fighting” on the issue. THEN ask her to describe in detail how SHE feels about it. Ask her toshow you how and why she sees things like she does.

This isincredibly powerfulbecause it not only shows that you’re a confident man with your own point of view…it also shows that you’re excited to learn more about her viewpoint.

3) Know When To Move On.

Of course, if all else fails and a woman’s just not interested in you in “that way,” it’s your responsibility to respect that and move on. It’s the right thing to do for her…but it’s also the right thing to do for you.

After all, why spend valuable time working on something that can’t be fixed? Plus, another amazing woman that you can trulyconnect with may be just around the corner.

So — when it comes to responding to a woman who “likes you” but doesn’t seem to want to take things any further, the ball is inyour court. Build up your feelings about yourself…work tochallenge her instead of chasing her…know when to MOVE ON…and you’ll be on your way to escaping the friend zone for good.


Acclaimed “Double Your Dating” author David DeAngelo uncovered the “magic secret” why some guys are great at taking things to the “next level” with a woman, while so many get stuck in the “Friend Zone” for good. Get his most powerful tips, tools, and advice on how to become the “Mr. Right” every woman is looking for in his FREE “Dating Secrets newsletter.” Subscribe here.


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