She Can Disagree Gracefully

There are women who are attractive to men, and then there are women who IMPRESS men. Women who leave men saying, WOW! Each guy is different and some men just don’t care about certain things, but the following is a list of traits that are likely to wow your next date.

She’s Smart

There is a nasty rumor out there that men don’t like to date smart women. Au contraire. A woman who is smart and shows that fact, without a need to impress, is impressive. A smart woman is going to bring more to his life, and intuitively he knows that.

She Can Take a Joke and Dish It Right Back

Men like to play. A woman who is game to jump into the fray is very impressive. It’s nice when she can take a joke. It’s even better when she turns and hits us back with a better one.

She Can Disagree Gracefully

During a first or second date there can be great pressure to agree on everything. The strategy is, “agree and then run for the door.” But those little differences may not mean you are incompatible, and meeting someone who can disagree without being disagreeable is a fascinating experience. A woman who can say, “That’s interesting, but I have a different take on it,” is impressive. More importantly, a person who knows how to “argue” with sophistication and tenderness is showing a great set of conflict management skills.

She Has Hobbies and is Knowledgable About Them

It’s a generalization that’s very often true. Men cultivate hobbies. Women cultivate relationships. That’s why his garage is full of cars, motorcycles, guitars, golf clubs and snowboarding gear. It’s typically impressive to a man when a woman can sit and talk about her time surfing, golfing or climbing mountains. One 60-something user reports that when she tells her dates that she spends her weekends driving a race car on a professional track, they smile from ear to ear.

She Knows How to Look Casual and Beautiful

Looking attractive is important when you’re dating, of course, but if the bar is raised to “impressive” the standard shifts a bit. A woman who can be beautiful (standards do vary) and exude a kind of casual style is very impressive. It’s the kind of thing men tell their friends. The thinking is that almost any woman can go through the “bridesmaid” treatment and look beautiful , but to do it simply for a day in the park is a notch above the norm.

She Pays for Dinner

That’s right. Many men will pay for dinner and feel good about it. But when that check lands, if a woman smiles and simply puts her hand on the bill and says, “Let me get this. You can get the next one,” she is sending a strong signal. It signifies generosity. It signifies confidence. And it tells him that this woman is happy to let him pay sometimes and willing to do so herself. That’s likely to impress almost any man.

She is Living the Life She Wants to Live

Life isn’t perfect for anyone. But if you meet a woman who says, “I’m so happy with my life. I’m where I want to be,” that is impressive. People who go out and take life with enthusiasm and passion are rare, and that attitude is contagious.

She Knows the Power of a Touch

Some women treat dates like Typhoid Mary. They insist on several feet of personal space at all times, and save any kind of personal contact for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th date. Certainly, each person has to make their own decisions about what is permissible to them, but a woman who is comfortable with light and non-sexual touches early on is using powerful body language. When she tells a story, she may touch his arm or the top of his hand for a moment. It’s a simple thing, but it sends a message. “I’m completely at ease, and I like you,” and that’s impressive.

She Kisses like She Means it

There are so many tepid people in this world – lukewarm people who do things at half-speed. Kissing is not an activity that benefits from a tepid demeanor. If you’re going to make an error, err on the side of passion. Most men will be greatly impressed.

She has an High Emotional IQ

It’s one thing to know facts and figures. It’s another to know what to say when a person says, “I’ve had a terrible week.” A woman who has mastered the skills that create a high emotional IQ is going to know when a man needs encouragement, when a man needs inspiration, and when a man needs a kick in the rear. Being with a person who has a deep and loving sense of how to help you emotionally is like having a secret weapon on your side.

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